Hello World !

I am Laurent Boualit and I recently started a PhD in environmental sciences. More specifically, I study amphibian ecotoxicology.
The path I have taken to get there is quite atypical. Indeed, after a baccalaureate obtained in five years instead of three, I joined the French Air Force for five years. This experience allowed me to gain maturity and above all, I learned to go beyond my own limits. That’s why I decided to make my childhood dream come true (well, almost…): to become Commandant Cousteau. Well, I don’t sail the oceans in a red bonnet, but I have the same fight: to raise public awareness of the importance of conserving ecosystems.
I am trained as an ecologist and I am very interested in ecotoxicological issues. In particular, I am interested in potential improvements that could be made to the risk assessment procedures for both the registration of chemicals and the determination of environmental quality criteria such as the use of native species, chronic expositions, multi-biomakers and evolutionary ecotoxicology approaches…